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About us

Odile Tango Shoes are reliable, beautiful, and comfortable.
We guarantee that these shoes will enhance your tango life through high quality, comfort, and beautiful design.

Do you doubt Odile Shoes?


Odile Tango Shoes, which are reliable, beautiful and comfortable, are made in Korea. Nevertheless, it is true that it may be difficult to decide to purchase them from abroad. You may wonder if shoes fit for Argentine Tango may be produced in a country so far away from Argentina.

And you may wonder if they can be delivered to your home safely, or you may wonder about import taxes.


If you are hesitating about your purchase because of these doubts, keep reading. We will relieve your worries.

1. Korea is an Asian country at the forefront of cultural and technological advances, famous for big companies such as Samsung or Hyundai, and K-Pop. The country is not big, but it has a strong economy that is very stable. The fashion industry is very advanced, and, thanks to quickly changing trends, the infrastructure for the supply of leather and textiles necessary for shoe manufacturing is very well developed. The shoe industry, in particular, has grown since the 70s thanks to government support, and thus manufacturers are very stable and utilize advanced technology.

Furthermore, thanks to Korea’s activity in international commerce, we have FTAs with several countries in the Americas and Europe, which lessens import and export tariffs, among other benefits.

2. Korea possesses an excellent tango community, and maestros and dancers regularly visit for festivals and other events. Most of Argentina’s tango shoe and clothing brands are sold in Korea.

There is high consumption of tango related products and high demand for high quality products. Odile tango shoes are the best-selling tango shoes in Korea.

3. Odile tango shoes are renowned in Argentina for their original designs and remarkable comfort. Many porteños wish to purchase them, but as of now we have no shops in Buenos Aires. Many famous dancers and teachers wear Odile’s shoes for classes and for performances, which you can see through Facebook or Youtube.

4. Collaboration with great maestros – Odile is in close collaboration with maestros such as Javier Rodriguez, Noelia Barsi, Natalia Hills and Maria del Carmen Romero, among others, in an effort to continuously improve the design and the fit so that they are ideal for dancing tango.

5. International deliveries are made through EMS, which is fast and reliable, as well as inexpensive. Deliveries usually arrive in 5 days from shipping date, and up to 7 to 10 days in case of delays. We carefully wrap them individually to protect them from damage during shipping. The shipping status can be checked on real time through an individual EMS code.

6. Odile’s CEO and designer, Odile, is also a tango dancer and teacher. She periodically visits Buenos Aires, where she has formed friendships with many tango people, including maestros and milongueros. The tango philosophy she has acquired from these friendships is incorporated into the heart of Odile’s shoes.

7. The shoes are manufactured after an order is made in order to incorporate each client’s individual preferences for size, width, heel height, outsole, etc. so you can always find the perfect fit for you. We are always open to hear your concerns regarding size.


Odile Tango Shoes are reliable, beautiful, and comfortable.

We guarantee that these shoes will enhance your tango life through high quality, comfort, and beautiful design.

We are always open to suggestions from you.

Thank you

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